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Lemonade says it's 'tight'

Many startups that want to get on a rocket boast 'quick decision making' wherever they are, but Lemonade doesn't favor fast communication. We're more 'tight' than that. Let me introduce you to the "Fast Accurate Core Communication" style and how we encourage the right communication.

Lemonade's Communication Principles (2020) introduced in the On boarding training for new students. 10.)

FAST: Lemonade says it immediately.

We have to deal with it immediately if we want to do it, and the directness is unraveled. As shown in Lemonade, communication is also aimed at "rapid delivery." If you have a message that you need to send or want to send, we will send it to you any time without delay.

Last May, we opened the speech contest, "What's Your Story?". Through the English language education brand Fast One, it was the goal to open a chapter where students could share the stories they wanted to share.

It was quite a challenging experiment for us. Breaking the frame of a product called a conversation lesson and creating a chapter for each person to share their voices.

At first, Koreans who were afraid to speak English were worried about English speaking events, but the question mark in their heads soon turned into an exclamation point. More than one hundred applicants competed for the finals, and eight of the selected high-scoring players were vocal on a variety of topics.

Fast One's Your Story, Fast One Speech Contest

Accurate: Lemonade says exactly that.

We communicate accurately at the right time. Lemonade believes that 'understanding the needs' of colleagues and customers you work with is a shortcut to a successful business. Things change and times passes without a pause. For more than five years, we have seen some middle and long-term plans have started and not finished due to changes. Sometimes, even the annual plan changes direction.

Lemonade holds bi-annual meetings with senior-level leaders to discuss and develop the direction of the business. There is only one agenda to this meeting. "Thoroughly looking at our products from the customer's point of view".

The key here is that any topic should be shared and discussed with 'leaders of all departments'. Sales or non-sales. It creates various perspectives, perhaps even outlandish opinions which are sometimes seen like outside of the box ideas.

Lemonade's leader-testing is a time to diagnose whether we're really on the right path, not just my own work, but also my team's performance, and it makes us a step closer to the market and the daily lives of our customers.

2020 First Half Leader Meeting

Core: Lemonade says be concise.

One study showed that office workers experienced being stuck with additional tasks or other factors an average of one in eight minutes, or six or seven times an hour.

If this is true, assuming eight hours a day, we are disturbed and lose concentration over fifty times a day.

Any company can be full of distractions, you'll need to remember the core of being concise before you or your colleague is distracted by long-winded communication.

Lemonade's "Town Hall" meeting, consisting of more than ten speakers, shows the essence of concise communication. The total running time of the event, including all the presentation times of all speakers, is only one hour. All members of the town hall committee who presenting always feel a burden. This is because we are on a burdensome mission to effectively communicate last month's performance, future plans, business unit insight discussions, announcements, and more.

The habit of reducing numerous slides of presentation and scripts has created a concise culture of communication for Lemonade. The presentations are perhaps not unique and colorful, but it's not about valuing your colleagues' time.

In the future, Lemonade will insist on tight communication that quickly and concisely points to the heart of the core. I hope that journey will be with you. If you would like to see more information about what you can do with us, check out the links below.


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