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일상의 작은 혁신으로
삶의 전반에 변화를 일으키는
외국어 학습



Endless product development and brand building

Language reflects current culture and trends. To learn a living, useable language, we must have up-to-date content. Lemonade stays current and improves its language content, reacting to market changes. Using brand building skills, Lemonade becomes a new brand.

Staying up-to-date with the current culture and trends is essential to learn a living language, and Lemonade is aware of that. The company is constantly improving its language content by reacting to market changes. The contents are developed into a new brand using our tried-and-true approach to building a brand.

Our Brands
Our yearly growth rate has been 100% for three years in a row due to steady content creation and brand building. The work we've done has resulted in us achieving top positions in the adult language education industry, with the highest market share and customer satisfaction rankings
가벼운 학습지 Logo.png

Our brand, My Light, was created with the mission of being a lifelong partner in learning for those who aspire to explore the world. With only 10 minutes daily dedicated towards a single book per week, you can learn 11 foreign languages with ease and fun. The program offers extensive learning resources and online tutorials while encouraging lifetime learning habits.

뉴스프레소 Logo.png

The Newspresso product is the outcome of formal partnership agreements with distinguished media outlets such as WSJ, TIME, HBR, and THE ECONOMIST. It's an innovative approach to English language learning, providing career-oriented individuals in Korea with authentic news-based materials. Newspresso stands out as an exclusive English study paper, offering more than just language acquisition, but also providing dignity and depth to the learning experience.

With our brand building approach, we plan to create a new foreign language education brand that caters to customers' needs.

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What innovative brand will Lemonade develop next to revolutionize the language education market?

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