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Team Lemonade consists of a group of individuals who aspire to be entrepreneurs, leaders, and builders. We work towards explosive growth for ourselves and our brand. We do not limit ourselves to our "official" roles. Team Lemonade welcomes dreamers, builders, and leaders who are eager to get their hands dirty! We don't discriminate against academic qualifications or work experience. This is a community of individuals who bet on each other's success.

Key Positions

Lemonade is a great place to grow and build your career as a full-stack digital marketer. Junior marketers after 1 year at Lemonade are often scouted as Marketing Team leaders at other startups.


Product Makers

Lemonade provides a platform to launch your own ideas for products in the education industry. We encourage unconventional thinking and are always expanding our brands. As a Junior Product Maker, you'll gain experience leading projects and collaborating with experts in various fields. Within a year, you'll become a skilled project manager and learn the ins-and-outs of the education industry.


New Business Team =

In-house Venture Team

Our approach for launching new brands does not involve blindly following the success formula of existing brands. Instead, we focus on innovating based on the unique characteristics of our new products and the market trends in order to provide learners with better learning options. Over 50% of the team contributes to our upcoming business venture. Our organizational set-up supports the establishment of fresh business endeavors. Members of this team gain practical experience in developing and marketing a product from scratch, enhancing their business knowledge significantly.

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