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How it started vs How's it going

When the company first started we initially planned by thinking “let's make a more flexible and efficient

company”, this was achieved by creating teams of around ten people, united with passion and spirit.

Sales in our first year, achieved by a team with an average age of only 27, were $2,500,000.

As we enter 2022, we achieved annual sales of $30,000,000. 

We now offer content in seven languages and three different formats to the Korean and Japanese markets.

Despite starting with a team that had little experience and understanding of business, we have been able to grow into an organization that is challenging for the number one education company in Asia.

With the global language education market growing to nearly $250,000,000,000, sales of publications and lectures common among the older generations are still driving the market.

Educational technology accounts for only 7% of the current education market, which is said to be the most important way to bring about innovation in the market. Lemonade's innovative thinking and proven track record in Asia gives it a fantastic opportunity to lead this innovation.

The Potential
Passion for Education

All of our actions start with sincere empathy for the problems our customers face. Lemonade recognizes the problems facing language education these days and makes solving it our main mission. 

High Responsibility & High Freedom

We believe that in order to grow a company, faith in our employees is a prerequisite.  We grow through trust, support and mentoring, not through monitoring and micromanaging. Providing our staff with autonomy and responsibility enables us to create customer impact.

Ultimate Optimism

Even if you brainwash yourself into thinking it is going to work, in business, it doesn't always pan out as you think.  We maintain a positive mindset and think about success 100 times a day, even if we are afraid.  There are many reasons why something doesn't work, but it's important to identify that reason and try again. 

Performance Oriented Results

We measure our achievements based on quantitative results. We believe in sharing what we've learned so as not to repeat the same mistakes, enabling us to make a better impact on our customers.

Be Adventurous, Creative, and Open

If we don't challenge ourselves, nothing will change.  Challenging ourselves is our biggest driving factor.  We always look for better ways, more efficient ways, and even more fun ways to do things.  Lemonade is an organization that does unprecedented things. 

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