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The development of lemonade is a never ending process

Think you could benefit from external training? Take all the training you want to take! Active support for external training!

Want to learn a new language? We've got you covered! Use 'MY LIGHT' or one of our other products to learn a new language!

Work with a healthy body and healthy mind

Support for your annual health medical examination!

Recharge your batteries with fresh snacks throughout the day.


Be more flexible with your annual leave. You can use any leave or holidays on an hourly basis!

Don't be worried about housing support. We offer housing-related loan support!

We want you to be happy with us for a long time! Reap the benefits of refreshing vacations.

From a refreshing rest to a stable life

First class welfare, from a first class company

Be Lemonade's own private recruiter. Referral bonuses will be paid for talent recommendations!


Focus on your work in the optimal environment

Utilize flexitime - you can decide on your working schedule by starting work freely anytime from 8am to 10am.

Sir? Madame? Other work titles? Of course not! We use names + 'nim' which helps form a horizontal organizational culture.

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