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Lemonade shows consistent growth and self-development to members.
To improve the quality of life, we operate various selective welfare systems.
Based on this, we continue to strive to support a pleasant working environment where we can focus on our work.

Internal/External Education Support (limit 3-5 million won)

For the work competency of members and personal growth, we are actively support education allowances (MOOC, MBA etc).

Sabbatical Leave

In order to give an opportunity to loyal members to have a break and recharge, we provide sabbatical leave every 3 or 6 years.

Flexible Commute

We value the work-life balance of our members, so we implement flexi-time.

​You can commute freely and arrive any time between 8:00 and 10:00.

Unlimited Snacks/Cafeteria

Coffee and snacks are essential for office workers! ​Unlimited use of our snack bar/cafeteria that can refuel you on tiring days at work!

Heart Healing

In order not forget about the mental well-being during busy daily life, we support 

online/offline counseling in connection with professional counseling organizations.

Holiday Gifts

We always wish you and your family a rich and warm holiday

We give holiday gifts to all members every Lunar New Year and Thanksgiving.

​Comprehensive Health Checkup

​For the health of our members, we provide a comprehensive health check-up worth 1 million won in connection with three large check-up centers. 

​Mortgage Loan Interest Support

​Loan interest support on jeonse mortgages is provided so that members can rest comfortably in a warmer and more comfortable home.

Subsidize Fitness Costs

​Work with a healthy body and healthy mind. Active employees give off lively and joyful energy which creates an active working environment.

Birthday Celebrations

We want to celebrate the birthdays of members together by offering a half day on your birthday.

​All Titles Are Unified With 'Nim'!

All employees, including the CEO, refer to each other by their name with 'nim'.

We work with respect for each other.

​ Flexible Annual Leave

Use your annual leave freely, you don't need to feel self-conscious. It's your leave, feel free to take it when you want.

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