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- Over 200,000 homepage members 

- Winning the 'Brand Grand Prize' for the three consecutive years

- Growing by 1,000% annually.


How to study foreign languages, 1 book a week, MY LIGHT

My Light was created under the motto of "Life-long Learning Companion for Dreamers of the World." One book a week, 10 minutes a day, offers a more fun, easier, and anywhere learning environment for 11 foreign languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Indonesian, Arabic,

Turkish and Russian

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- Winning the Consumer Brand Award for the two consecutive years

- 35% acquaintance recommendation.


Traditional language education focuses on grammar and memorization. At FASTONE, we use the communicative teacher approach to help students enhance their speaking and listening skills. As a result, students are able to learn more quickly and feel confident using English in real life situations.

Our adult learners have limited time for studying languages. As a result, we have optimized our curricula so that students can learn exactly what they need  to learn and they do with the help of our highly experienced teachers from across the globe.

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- Over 5,000 Japanese members

- 500% growth in six months.


Specializing in Japanese language education for Korean and Chinese learners.

TEMO, the first global service from Lemonade, means "in my hands". We offer services and materials in two languages - Korean and Chinese, in order to provide a comprehensive service to a wider audience. 


- MZ Generation Taste Content.

It is a real-life conversation content brand that is really used by locals and anyone can see from beginning to end.

It offers products that allow anyone to easily try learning a new language.
It offers all three kinds of fun (see, hear, and learn).