Startup Intern Survival (feat. Haley)

June 30, the first day of joining.

(Boujee: Don't Panic)

The first time I always tremble. Among them, the tension of the first commute is one.

At the time, the first job for new arrivals was until 10:30, but I was an industrious intern, so I arrived early.

One of the advantages of lemonade is that it is right in front of Exit 5 of Reverse Sam Station! It is connected to the basement, so you don't have to walk much. (I seem to be the best in cold these days)

A real, really, 30 second walk to Chamtroo!

When I arrive on the 6th floor with a pounding heart, I'm going to

The entrance door is tightly closed. (distortion) you can contact the telephone ed in the incident guidance email without being embarrassed every now and then! (Then the personnel team will guide you through the back.

I was guided to the seat and briefly explained to the shooter manager about my work. And I gave you the advice of "don't panic" with the FCL life tips. When I think about it now, it's the best advice in a company that goes really fast.

And one of the things that new users should do on their first day is to write about them by email and messenger!

When you leave a joining a messenger group channel, friendly and warm members will leave emojis and welcome greetings. (If you're curious about self-addressing emails, come and write for yourself....)

July, full-fledged work begins and a dodool party

The first job I received when I came to Lemonade was recruitment/ annual care/ welfare system, corona-response support.

Do you want to start at the same time? why have you ever been wrong about sad foreboding?

In the midst of the pouring work, if you ask for a deadline, why is it all ASAP?

It seems that it took quite a while to adapt to this speed, as it is a lemonade that progresses rapidly from decision making to progress. (If you're wondering "How fast is it?," we recommend watching this article!)

When you choose the most remembered job in July when you're struggling to adapt and speed up your company, you can say"get ready for the anniversary celebrations."

It was a little tight preparation period from the time I first got the job, and I was embarrassed because it was mostly my first time doing things, from selecting gifts to communication with companies. Shu (19

But we were able to do it thanks to Our Team President Karen and Jason, who were always asked to talk about anything that was difficult or difficult. (I love the hr team!)

The day before the day before the anniversary of the foundation of Fast Campus, which finally welcomed two stone! I shared a charging mousepad and a different macaroon.

I think it's a huge opportunity to be able to take care of the company's important celebrations, even though I've just joined the company. It was unfortunate that we weren't able to make it bigger, but it was also meaningful that we could gather and celebrate these days when we thought about the city.

August - September, Recruitment, Recruitment and Recruitment

The spread of COVID-19 froze the job market a lot, but it was as different as lemonade (formerly Fast Campus Language).

As a growing company, almost all teams had requests for fillings, and the number was roughly 30. As a result, interview management alone was running out of time every day. In addition, we expanded our recruitment channels for more active and fast recruitment, and offered interview suggestions.

It was a very busy day with the hiring, but at the same time it was a precious time and thanked the many applicants who supported our company.

I'm still hiring a lot of positions, if you're wondering what positions are there, click ->-1

And what I remember is "introducing snacks."

The introduction of snacks was an occasion for the Town Hall Meeting in May and was introduced in August by our team leader.

The result is the following ★Jean.

Snacks are regularly filled in every bag installed in one office.

While managing the snacks, I had a call to the people instead of the "Let's have a lot of delicious snacks for the members", and it is not so good when you look at the members who like various snacks. Instead, I got a occupational disease (?) that I was not interested in sweets.

Finished in October and started in November

October had many events.

Although not an event, events of various sizes, from on-boarding training to fast campus anniversary gifts, group lunches, and Halloween treats, were gathered in October, and I realized that it was a skill to quickly find the right place to prepare for the event.

Halloween Treats (Fast One Center)

And as I worked more english, I started taking FastWon's 1:1 conversation classes! I had been listening to and speaking English for a long time, and I was also pleased to have an assessment of the areas of grammar, listening, reading, and speaking.

When you complete the test, you will have a comprehensive level, and the curriculum will be conducted according to that level.

The fact that you can choose a teacher differently for each class and the "lesson notes" made it attractive to receive a pdf file of what you received that day.

The best part though was the friendly instructors! The staff were very clean and very...

I took a class at Fast1 Gangnam. When the class starts, he rings the bell. (.. Cute!)

If it was short, it was a short four months, but I think it was a place where I could learn and grow more than anywhere else. Thankfully, he has been transitioning to a full-time job since November and is working hard every day.

One of the cultures of lemonade I felt while attending is that it continues to give me a 'feeling of challenge that I can handle'.

The goal is to have a variety of experiences to become an HR generalist, and it is an environment where you can continue to challenge your way to achieving these goals.

If you prefer challenges, or if you want to change your career pass and grow, I hope you remember lemonade.