Lemonade Life-Guide for You Wandering, New-Born On boarding program

Hello, I'm a Lemonade HR.

No matter how professional my job is, my first day of work is always tense and tense.

Everything is strange, so what do new people need to go? While the hospitality is great, we've seen that it's more important to create an environment where you can get a feel for the atmosphere.

Lemonade's Talent Management (TM) team has introduced and operated the "Onboarding Program".

This is a task that "underscores" the existing employees to avoid awkward new members of the work system, which is taken for granted and taken naturally.

TM teams and their leads work together. I will continue to be with the precious people I have found hard, and I hold on to my desire to be a partner to help each other grow.

When you first go to work, you will receive an online boarding manual with the above title.

On the day of the on-boarding training, you will be met with a tight schedule as shown below. From 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., you're running. Below is an overview of the events in the on-boarding program last November.

· 10:00 to 11:00 Opening / Self-opening

· 11:00 to 12:00 Introduction of company-company business direction (CEO Seo Yura)

· 12:00 to 13:00 Delicious lunch with lead

· 13:00 to 15:00 The end of each business unit lead

· 15:00 to 17:00 Quiz / Work Program Practice

· 17:00 Closing

When I try to explain the history of lemonade one morning, the schedule seems a little tight... (In fact, there are many recesses with rice cake, and we have fun with quiz games.) In fact, it doesn't always work on this schedule. In line with the business environment at that time, on-boarding education has changed and evolved from time to time! However, we think it will be enough to show the atmosphere of lemonade-on-boarding education, so we will introduce this November's training as a sample.

1. Opening / Self-Opening

Even if I joined the company at a time of cold time, I feel that if we are away from each other's eyes on our busy schedules, 쑵 somehow. Especially in these public positions. So in the first hour, we had the opportunity to get to know each other a little bit. Right, 'Self-Help' time!

Not just self-talk, but like a foreign language education company, I write on paper what I want to do in the foreign language I'm interested in, hobbies I'm currently missing, and what I want to do in The Lemonade in the future. Instead of the time of question-and-answer that often comes to mind when you 'self-talk', we receive healthy feedback that we've been able to look back on ourselves by organizing the "footsteps of the people of Naran" that we want to see in our future motivations.

Before I come to Lemonade, I'll tell you where and what I've done, and what future I want to do with lemonade.

I'm just 뻘쭘, but I'm naturally focused and communicative about the stories of experienced people who have hobbies like me and have worked in companies I've always watched with interest.

Introduction to the company's business direction

New users who have learned very little about each other will also have time to understand lemonade. The most talked about lemonade is Yura, the CEO. From self-defense starting with a self-release TMI such as 'Your Own Liz Time', we will share our current address from our fast campus new business team to the independent Fast Campus Language and back to Fast Campus's Company-In-Company Lemonade( CIC). And we're talking about the successes we're going to share in the future. Of course, there are also Q&A times where you share lemonade's direction, mission and vision, and ask your representative directly.

That's me, Seo Yura, who's releasing a line of lemonade TMI.

De... Finally lunch!

... It's bob. Churm --

You can'情 'Bob Chung'.

Newcomers will have lunch together with the leads in charge of each business. My representative's announcement is over...

If you look at the letters alone, you might think it's a series of solemn and tense events, but in fact it isn't. As you dine with the delightful team leaders, you can learn what other teams besides ours are doing and what the team's leaders are like.

The end of each business unit's lead

The next session, the heat is hot, and so on.

After lunch, take a short break and new arrivals listen to the TM team's pre-arranged coffee and tea, along with lemonade from each business lead.

'I'm not sure I'm new,' and 'I didn't do it in my previous job...' This is a lecture given by each team leader to help you understand the work environment you will be able to understand.

Fast Team Lead Jinny Who Got Up And Stormed

Emila, the second foreign language business team, gave a pleasant lecture on the city with a unique pleasant talk.

The talks of the fast-thinking team that creates the adult English speaking education brand the leaders of the second foreign language content business team that create foreign language education content are shared, but it seems difficult to listen, but it was not, 'AARRR', 'Unit Economics', 'Data driven Thinking', and 'How to Communicate'.

Wendy, the marketing team who has given you a boring and difficult data reading method at the eye level of new users.

Haley, an English business team that has created rapos with new students through smooth communication

It's basic but well-known for anyone who will grow up with a new organization, a startup that varies from day to day. But it's not just one-sided indo infusion training. If you're wondering, Tikitaka also asks questions and asks intermediate quizzes so you can focus. Of course, it is a random bag (?) for the one that I matched we also offer a little gift.

Lucky Random.. One hundred..! (Caution not garbage bags)

You usually have a bias when you're in the education industry. For example, it's difficult to make changes and it's going to be hard. Lemonade was born to change the perception of such a relationship, and I wanted to tell you that we are quickly challenging data based on data, recalling failures and successes, and responding quickly to situational changes. Of course, I'm trying to send a message that I'm going to be with them in the future.

Due to the nature of startups, it is a non-working law that is put into work as soon as you join. We talk about deep company (?) I have been deeply smeditioned that I have less time to share with new users. No, I think lemonade is just as important as learning to practice, so I'm going to try to make more of this time in the future.

At any time, after a short time of focus, you'll have a little more time to learn about lemonade with a simple Quiz Time.

The people who knew the world was unfamiliar and introverted were all right, and they were like, "Jeongdaaaab!" It's time to shout. The world can't be that loud (...)

We can't tell you which quiz you're going to be in for a leak, but with a simple common sense quiz, you can inject it throughout the morning/afternoon (?) The various trainings you've done are published as problems. If you put a lot together, you'll be given a variety of items as gifts. Ex. Because lip balm, hand cream / my fragrance are precious not to be sick in the cold winter, fubrises, etc.

It's fine, but sometimes these exhilarating (?) problems come up

Take a ride through the atmosphere and practice lemonade's work program. You can take your laptop with you, upload your vacation, and charge for your personal expenses. An indispensable messenger from lemonade! You'll also experience the features of Slack. We're also creating synchronous slack channels, which are channels for back-up! (Please don't want to use it for that purpose.

End the day with an all-day on-boarding program. We also receive feedback from surveys that ask you what you liked about the many lectures and exercises you participated in over a long time, and what improvements you can make. In particular, this survey response is like the TM team's self-supporting course. When feedback such as encouragement, support, and praise comes out, I can't be so humbled to feel good, shrug my shoulders, and point out that improvement is needed.

[Praise the on-boarding program]

"It was a great opportunity to get to know the company, the people who joined us, and the work of each team!"

"It was so informative to know the most important points in my work, but also to make it easier to know what was hard to ask during my work."

"It was great to be very pleased to share our commitment to informing us very closely and identifying and improving the inconveniences of our current in-house infrastructure."

"It was a time when our vision and goals for the company were sink-up," he said.

[Improve the on boarding program]

"I think we're more immersed in the vision going forward, but at the same time, if we had detailed some of the failures of the content the company was trying to do."

"It helped me a lot, but my back hurt a little bit."

"Overall, I felt like I was taking a class," he says.

So far, it has been a review of the on-boarding program in November 2020. Next time, I hope to be able to join more new employees with a little bit better. Our newbies are 듕.