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일상의 작은 혁신으로
삶의 전반에 변화를 일으키는
외국어 학습


Grow your business
with Lemonade

Endless product development and brand building

Language reflects current culture and trends. To learn a living, useable language, we must have up-to-date content. Lemonade stays current and improves its language content, reacting to market changes. Using brand building skills, Lemonade becomes a new brand.

Staying up-to-date with the current culture and trends is essential to learn a living language, and Lemonade is aware of that. The company is constantly improving its language content by reacting to market changes. The contents are developed into a new brand using our tried-and-true approach to building a brand.

qualityI'm really confident of onelanguage product,
Unfortunately, it is not known to the market.
Products like sore fingersdo you have this?
with lemonadedo!


Our Mission
<매일경제> 2023.07.11
Our goal is to drive positive change in people's lives by offering products and services that bring small but meaningful innovations to their daily routines.

Discover language instructors and content that have not seen the light of day due to a lack of capital or marketing skills
Profit-sharing cooperation by putting lemonade’s marketing expertise and operation and distribution know-how
1534% growth compared to the previous sales in 3 months, demonstrating synergy

Our Mission
CASE 1. STEVEN English
After 3 months of collaboration with Lemonade 13x increase in the number of students
Our Mission
“Growing Together” with Lemonade
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