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Fast, Lean, Efficient
Big, fat goals and big, fat customer impact


Autonomy and Responsibility

High efficiency begins with autonomy and responsibility. We support each other in our positions with trust-based teamwork and responsibility that is based on self-reliance.


To show passion, initiative, and effort to develop capabilities in order to build trust with each other, not unilateral trust. We are confident that this is the driving force behind the trust we have in each other and the development we share.


Efficiency and teamwork are inseparable. Don't forget that there are excellent colleagues around you who want to collaborate and grow together through that collaboration. We believe that trust-based teamwork can produce the best efficiency.


We need to be able to think and act independently on our own. Even if we fail in the process of trying to succeed, we need the power to learn, grow and rise again from that failure. We need the power to believe in ourselves and act on our own to achieve the best efficiency in an environment with autonomy and responsibility.

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